Friday, May 29, 2009

The Journey Part 2

Every year we would go to the farm the last week of July for two weeks and stay at the farm, once we got the pastures in order the fencing was next. I remember on one of the fencing expeditions I found out what Yellow Jackets were, we had an English Setter that set on a nest of the savage critters, she was stung first then me (8 times). I remember my dad and papaw running over to me with tree branches in their hands swatting at them to get them off of me. Anytime we were out and about and papaw would get a cut, scratch etc., he would always apply coil oil, gas, kerosene or what ever was available to the wound, so of course I got gas put on my stings. He lived until he was 95 and I am still around so it must not be so bad.

Once the fencing was finished the we started on fixing up the little house. After alot of cleaning, painting and paneling it made a pretty nice little cabin. I had no indoor plumbing (and still doesn't) but we thought the outhouse was neat, except when you had to go after dark.

There is a well behind the house but we always brought our drinking water with us, we would bath either in the pond or with rain water that was collected of the roof of the house. After a couple of years dad and a friend added a forth room onto the house for a family room, then dad sided the whole house with some cedar shingles another friend had given him. I can still remember he couldn't wait to finish the shingling job, I was swimming in the pond (where I spent most of my time) when I heard dad give out a big YAHOO!!!! I knew then he had finished the shingles.

This is my daughters German Sheppard pup Tia, see you next week.

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