Friday, July 10, 2009

Barn doors and such

Me and Doodlebugs spent the last few days down on the farm while the guys put up the doors on the barn. Now I have all my equipment dry and locked which is a good thing. A lot of farms are experiencing theft right now due to the economy, I know they can still break in if they want to but at least they will have to work at it now.

While they were installing the doors Doodlebugs went fishing and caught a snapping turtle. I didn't have time to mess with it or we would have had fried turtle for supper.

I spent my time cutting new ditches down the drive way, mowing the pastures and removing tree stumps.

After we returned from lunch one day one of the guys installing the doors came up an said "I killed a snake that was coming put from under your bulldozer". I went over and pulled the snake out from under the dozer and wasn't very happy that he had killed a big black snake. We have a lot of field mice so I would rather have the snake then mice, but he said "the snake had to go or he was going". Anyway as usual Doodlebugs wanted to pose with the snake.

I didn't get any pictures of the garden but we are now getting plenty of ripe tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini and corn. The coons got 21 ears of corn the night before last though, now it's time to relocate the little varmints.

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  1. Yeah, too bad about the snake. I'd love to have a lot more of them around... just chased a juvenile packrat around the barn tonight. Love them for being resourceful, but they sure do chew on human things.

    I used to get worried sick about leaving some of our stuff out in the woods while we were trying to get things figured out. Course, the economy was good back then.