Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trees and New Toy

Friday and Saturday I went down the farm to plant some fruit and shade trees I picked up at Lowe's for 75% off. I picked up two Golden Delicious, one Red Delicious, one Winesap and one Bartlett pear. I will be ordering some more trees from Stark Bros. this week, I need a pollinator for the pear tree plus a couple other apple as well as some pecan trees. I also planted three Autumn Blaze Maples in front of the man cabin.

We haven't had cattle on the farm for about 20 years but we still have a lot of rotted manure over at the old feed barn. I went and got 20 gallons of the black gold to mix in with the soil I planted the trees in.

Black gold (rotted manure)

Fruit trees

Autumn Blaze Maples

I've been looking for an all terrain fork lift for a while to haul logs out of the woods and load my sawmill with. I found a Lull telehandler on Craigslist which will do what I wanted plus it will also be a big help when I start building my barns and house on the farm since it will extend 27' vertically and lift 6000 lbs 38' into the air. The only drawback was it was in Boonton, New Jersey, so I loaded up the Semi and was off for a 13 hour drive to pick it up. My friend Rick was on vacation so he went with me, after loading it up we went ahead a drove back into West Virginia to avoid the morning rush hour the next morning.
Sitting in the hotel parking lot in West Virginina

The day after we got back I went ahead and took it down to the farm and dropped it off. Saturday morning I moved some logs I had cut and were setting on top of the hill in the middle pasture, it made moving them much easier than using my skidsteer plus I can move a lot more logs at a time due to its capacity.
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