Sunday, January 30, 2011

Processing the Deer

After we field dressed the deer it was time to start processing the deer.

First we had to skin it out

The Final product

Summer Sausage

Vacuum Packed Steaks

And lots of Jerky

Jerky out of the dehydrator

Of course before it got to this point we had to do a lot of cutting grinding and mixing.

First thing was to remove all the meat

Then cut it into smaller pieces and remove all the silver seam and fat.

Grinder loaded and ready to go

Hopper full

Grinding the deer meat for Jerky and Summer Sausage

Grinding the pork loin to add into the Summer Saugage

Mixing the Deer, Pork Cheese and Jalapenos for the Summer Saugage

Heating up the smoker the lower temp the better the first few hours

loading up the Summer Sausage

Smoking and cooking complete

Final product

Nothing like eating you own processed, food knowing everything that goes into it!

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