Thursday, June 11, 2009

The barn part 2 / day 2

After the rain shut us down on the barn the first day I spread some gravel to try and keep it from being so muddy around the site. Whe the crew showed up they finished framing the south wall and stood it up using the front end loader w/attachment, then secured the top of the post to the bottom post.

After the north wall was set then they framed up the east/end wall and rafter. They raised it with a boom attached to the front end loader and secured the wall to the bottom post.

Next they started setting the rafters the roof purlins.

At the end of day two they had set all the rafters except one and the west wall.

After the crew left I decided to clean off the dam of the pond, there were several trees that had grown up over the years, and I have wanted to remove them for a while.

Once the dam was cleaned off then I had the mess to clean up. This will all be cut up for campfire wood.

Well that about does it for day two. See ya later



  1. Howdy! I found you on Ron's blog and just wanted to say that it's good to see a fellow Kentuckian living his dream. I was raised in Morgan County and both my parents are from KY.
    I always wanted to retire there, but alas, I married a Texan, so here I sit. :)
    I still visit every chance i get though. It's the home of my heart.
    Good luck with the blog!

  2. Wow, that's really interesting how they constructed your barn. The way we did it, ourselves and with another guy I worked with once, there was a lot of up/down on the ladder.

    I'm amazed that they did the wall posts in two pieces... I'm sure it's structural being a Morton, but I'd never heard of that method.


  3. V. thanks for the encouragement, hope you get a chance to move back to God's country. Keep in touch.


  4. Ron, yeah it is a very neat and very efficient process. The two piece post is the way they do all their buildings, the lower half that sets in the ground is treated and the upper half is not. Everything is pre-fabbed so it goes up quick.