Monday, June 15, 2009

Barn part 3/ day 3

The third day was a short day for the crew, being it was Saturday they only worked long enough to finish the frame so they could start sheeting on Monday. They set the final rafter then built the west end wall, next they finished installing the last set of roof purlins. Now we are ready for the sheeting.

After the crew left I started cutting up the trees that I had removed from the pond dam. I cut the trees into logs and stacked them to be cut in the fall for campfire wood. I took all the tree tops and piled them in a pile for a bonfire we always have in the fall during a camping trip.

Next I cleaned all the brush up around the pond with my bush hog and weed eater.
When I went back to mom and dad's, mom had cooked beef liver and onions with creamed peas, wilted lettuce, and mashed potatoes, yum yum!!!!
See ya next time,


  1. Wow, that's a cool boom off the front-end loader. I always figured it took a backhoe to do that, ingenious rig.

    That's a very pretty pond. Is it a fishing pond? Or used for other purposes?


  2. Ron, they have all kinds of attachments that go on the tractor, they also have a hydraulic scaffolding on top of the tractor that goes up 15', they use ladders very little.

    The pond is a fishing pond stocked with bass, catfish, bluegill and rock bass. On day 4 I went fishing for a few minutes, will post pictures today. We also have a tank below the dam that we use to use for watering the cattle and it is also was fed by the pond.