Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let the fun begin

On Friday it was time to begin the excavation around the barn, I wanted to add a lean-to to my barn at some point in time and I also needed extra dirt to push up around the barn. I decided to go ahead and widen the north side of the barn access.

Now comes the fun part, playing on the toys.

After cutting out the north side I used my skidloader to haul the dirt around to the other sides of the building.
While I was excavating I wanted "Doodlebugs" to fish so I didn't have to worry about her. We picked up worms the day before but she ran out while I was moving dirt. To Keep her occupied and out of the way I put on an artificial worm on her line, bobber and all. I told her to just twitch it every once in a while, I knew she wouldn't catch anything, it was around 10am and already 95 degrees but at least it would keep here out of the way. "Daddy, Daddy can you help me get this fish off"? Guess I was wrong...

After getting the fish off it was back to work on the excavation. The almost final product.

Now my equipment has a new home!

After I finished moving dirt we went to mom and dads to play in the dirt(the garden). I had a couple of rolls of concrete reinforcement wire left over from when we concreted our driveway at our current home. I cut those up to make tomato cages, after we installed the tomato cages (didn't have enough), tilled the garden and planted 3 more rolls of corn.

Doodle bugs making furrows to fertilize the corn...
Doodle bugs and Nana (my mom) checking out the cabbage...

Doodle bugs modeling the squash...

That night for supper we had fresh grilled squash, fresh coleslaw and fresh wilted lettuce out of the garden.

Until next time have a great day!!!!



  1. Garden looks terrific! Do you guys have to water at all, or do you usually get enough rainfall?

    Your machines look like fun. :)

    What an enormous bass, wow!


  2. Normally they do not have to water at all, this year we had so much rain that the garden is a little behind schedule.

    They are a lot of fun, if you ever come through Kentucky stop by and we can play on them.

    I am now going to start fishing with a bobber when I use artificial bait, I sure worked for her. When she showed my mom the picture my mom was mad we didn't bring it home to eat, she loves fresh fish.


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love what you've done with your barn and your garden is fabulous.

  4. Mountain woman, thanks I really enjoy your blog, I just found it the other day and have been going back through your older post.


  5. Nice garden! And holy cow, that's a big fish!

  6. V. she's still rubbibg it in, we just started getting our first ripe tomatoes, hope to start canning soon as well. Take care