Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Barn part 6/ Day 6

Last Thursday the crew arrived to finish the roof of the barn. They use a large scissor truck to install the roof panels, etc. This makes the job much easier, they load all the panels on the truck with the tractor and then just raise the lift platform up to the roof.

The only issue we had was rain from the previous day, the ground was very slick so we had to pull the tuck around with my dozer.

After getting the scissor truck into position the got all the panels and cupola's installed. Finally the barn was complete, at least Morton's part.

While the crew were working on the barn "Doodlebugs" my daughter and her dog Tia spent some quality time together fishing at the pond.

Tomorrow we get to play on the big toys, until then have a great day.



  1. That's a good looking barn. I like the way it's positioned too. You've got you a nice looking place there.
    That old bridge brought back memories. :)

  2. V. thanks, I can't wait until the day we live there full time. A few years ago we went to Penn. on vacation and we came across alot of old one lane bridges, most of them wooden that were really neat.

    Take care


  3. Very nice barn!

    I can't believe how easy those builders have it with all those lifts. Not that barn-building is easy that way, but sure beats ladders. :)


  4. Ron, it is definitely alot easier than they way you and I would do it, and alot safer as well.