Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Reunion

This past weekend we had a family reunion (moms side) down home at one of my cousins place. His place is only about 4 miles from my farm. He cooked a whole hog on a charcoal cooker, it held seven bags of charcoal and one you put on the hog you never touched it again. It took 6 hours to cook, they got up at 4am and went to the farm where they got the hog, the farmer got up early, killed and dressed the hog right before my cousin arrived to pick it up. Below is the cooker and some pictures of the hog being sliced up.

Doodlebugs wasn't sure if she liked the head still being on him or not.

This was the interesting table to be at during the reunion, all the "old sages" were reminiscing about the good old days.

My cousin put the lake in around four of five years ago, it is really a nice place.

Doodlebugs and one of her cousins getting ready to go out on the paddle boat.

Even though the temp was in the mid nineties we had a great time with some great food, it just doesn't get much better than this. Until next time.



  1. I've been canning tomatoes all day, on and off, and didn't realize I'd skipped lunch, now I'm craving pork on a biscuit. :)
    I sure would like to have been setting at the table with all the "old sages". Sounds like my kind of fun.
    Your cousin sure does have a nice place. I'm going back home in Oct. I can already taste the molasses... :)

  2. Yeah, I'd be at the table with the sages too. :) That hog looks delicious to me! The lake is beautiful!

    What a great time, thanks for sharing. There are pockets of sanity and good times in this world. :)


  3. V. the hog was delicious, we also did some chickens as well and they were equally as good, can't wait until it's my hog and chickens were cooking. We go to the Hancock County Sorghum festival every fall and there is nothing like it, hot biscuits real butter and Sorghum molasses. Now I am getting hungry.

    Ron, I guess t's the fact that I'm getting older but I love sitting and around and hearing how things were back in the early 1900's. Two of my uncles were talking about how the used to have to get up, gather eggs, milk the cow, and walk one hour to catch the school bus by 7am, our kids have really got it hard!!!